Union Office

Grand Rapids
Main Office Facility

225 Michigan Ave NW

(616) 776-1489

(616) 776-1535

Fax:  (616) 776-1536

Western Michigan Area Local #281 

Union Office

Grand Rapids
P-Campus (Annex) Facility

3500 (3550) Patterson Ave SE

(616) 977-1050
FAX: (616) 977-1020


Local Officers and Stewards

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Bids & Awards
for Grand Rapids Installation
Local Constitution
Local Policies/By-Laws
General Membership
Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting -
sept 7, 2024 @ 7 p.m.
Labor Management Meeting Minutes Office of Workers Compensation (OWCP) Info
(Injured On-the-Job)
Locally Represented Offices
Local Memorandums of Understanding
Union Forms Scholarships
Union Hall Rental

(WMPW, Inc.)
Light Duty
(Injured Off-the-Job)
Various Links
Maintenance Issues Signing Up for the Union National Agreement

National JCIM
PSE Specific Information FMLA Information Grand Rapids Installation
Clerk Seniority Roster
& PSE Relative Standing
PTF & PSE Canvassing Opportunities
(Posted twice a month)
WMAL Voice
Information You Can Use
Are you a Union Member?  Specifically, are you an active Retired union Member?  When you retired, did you join the Retiree Department (either for $36 a year, or as a Full-Dues-Paying member)?  The mailing list for the WMAL Voice now reflects only dues-paying retiree members.  We have started putting the Voice on the website to view as well.  If you still want a copy of the Voice sent to you directly, click here or contact Ray Novakoski (local Retiree President) to sign-up!
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