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Grand Rapids
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225 Michigan Ave NW

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Western Michigan Area Local #281 

Union Office

Grand Rapids
P-Campus (Annex) Facility

3500 (3550) Patterson Ave SE

(616) 977-1050
FAX: (616) 977-1020

Are you a Union Member?  Specifically, are you an active Retired union Member?  When you retired, did you join the Retiree Department (either for $36 a year, or as a Full-Dues-Paying member? 

The reason this is being asked is the mailing list of this local was recently verified with the national list; we had over 400 retirees still on it who were not on the retiree rolls.  So, if you were expecting a copy of the paper - "WMAL Voice" in your mailbox in the next couple of weeks, and it doesn't arrive, more than likely, you didn't sign up when you retired. 

To fix this oversight, click here or contact Ray Novakoski (local Retiree President) to sign-up!
At the March 2024 General Membership Meeting, Elections will take place for delegates to the 2024 APWU National Convention & 2024 Michigan Postal Workers Union Consitutional Conveniton. 
Upcoming Hockey Game Outing!
Limited to Full-Dues Paying Union Members only!

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PTFs and PSEs can now use eReassign to apply for 50-mile canvass opportunities from the current bid cluster (posted twice a month (1st - 10th & 15th - 25th))
Click here for more info or go to eReassign on Liteblue.
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