General Membership Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 4, 2006


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM at 918 Benjamin NE, Grand Rapids.
Meeting was opened with the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

Roll Call of Officers:


Jennifer Amos, President
Steve Lang, Maintenance Director
Amy Marcus, Executive Vice-President
Dan Quillin, Clerk Craft Director
Karen Hodges, Recording Secretary
Scott Larabel, MVS Director
Linda Chandler, Treasurer
Michelle Gregory, Sgt-at-Arms
Associate Office Director

January General Membership Meeting Minutes were accepted with the following corrections:

Nominees instead of delegates. MSC

No applications for membership.

Officers Report:

Treasurers: Chandler: Approved as read for January MSC

Clerk Craft Director: Quillin: Stewards training was on Thursday. We went over several issues including the revised position we are taking in moving an employee from one section to another during a holiday schedule. We went over the local agreements between management and the mailhandlers in reference to the runner and expeditor duties.

PTF preferencing still a never ending story. Now they need to be approved through this mysterious compliment committee. Bid jobs and Job summits we have those a few days prior to posting of the bid cycle but when the jobs go up for bid we get a notice saying that it has been reverted or abolished. They say itís because they donít have the clerks to fill the jobs, they wonít hire anybody, they have over 30 clerks detailed somewhere and management complains of the overtime issue daily.

AO Director: Lang: labor managementÖ learned that women go to womenís bathroom and men to men. I would like to thank Jim Myskza for all his years of service to this local.

MVS Craft Director: Larabel: Many new MVS people here tonight. I would like to thank Jim Myszka for his years of service to this local. MVS has made a lot of strides. Tim Pepper getting new runs scheduled. Runs with consecutive days off and weekends off jobs have been posted. More drivers have been converted from PTF. Still waiting for mechanics to be hired. Resolved a few issues with the contractors.

Executive Vice-President: Marcus: For stewards training we had 20 people on Thursday. I would like to thank Ray for assisting. COPA Our goal is $6,000. Need some ideas for raising COPA funds. Iíd like to thank Tim Pepper and his craft.

President: Amos: Jim Myszka resigned as the Maintenance Craft Director; Iíd like to thank Jim for many years of excellent service to the WMAL. Steve Lang was appointed as the new Maintenance Craft Director. He has resigned as the AO Director which is now vacant. RI399, we have a few agreements signed by the mail handlers, management and our union to clarify what runners and expeditors do. I will be attending a meeting February 15th in Lansing to discuss CFS PARS. Hopefully, Iíll have more info about CFS Downsizing after that. Labor management meeting Feb 9th, send in your agenda items. Change in the meeting time for March 4 th. Eboard meeting at 4 pm and general membership at 5 pm. The meeting in June will be June 10th regular time.

Committee Reports:

A&E: Stoddard: Golf outing will be June 4th. Why at Indian Trails Golf Course, a better deal. Lots of prizes. One of them being a weekend getaway to Chicago.

Marcus: Any suggestions for this year, we have a meeting coming up.

Veterans: Kramer: There is only one collection box outside of the Veterans Home Could someone look into getting a portable one to make it easier for the vets during bad weather.

Retireeís: Hendricks: Went to a seminar and brought back some booklets. The PO is phasing out the Personnel office. It will now be done in Atlanta, Georgia. Read a letter to the local . Need some addresses that I have been trying to get from the local. Maybe we need to look at the way Flint runs its local and purchase a building for our local to be used by all, including the local retiree chapter president.

Cans for COPA: Pike, $7.00 from the NE Station.

Correspondence: United Labor Charity Bowl for Special Olympics Michigan Area 9 forms for those that want to participate On March 11th and 18th at the Park Center Bowling , 2222 28th Street, Wyoming.

Unfinished Business

Voting on the delegates for State and National Conventions

State Delegates elected:

Linda Chandler, Ray Novakoski, Steve Lang, Tim Wright, Dick Page, Tina Myers, Amy Marcus, Catherine Beemblossom, Michelle Gregory, Jack Fryling, Jackie Pike, and Mike Hill. Alternates: Karen Hodges, Jim Ruark and tied Dan Bourassa, Tammy Byrnes.

National Delegates elected:

Linda Norman, Ray Novakoski, Amy Marcus, Steve Lang, George Hendricks, Dick Page, Michelle Gregory Alternates: Catherine Beemblossom, Jackie Pike, Jack Fryling, Mike Long.

Board Recommendations:

To send Amos, Marcus & Gregory to the Human Relations Conference in Bay City, March 1-3, 2006, with loss time, mileage, hotel, registration, per diem, and applicable taxes Amended to include Tina Myers, discussion. MSC

To send $50 for the Hospitality room for the Human Relations Conference in Bay City, March 1-3, 2006 Discussion MSC

To send $100 for the MPWU State Constitutional Convention Hospitality Room in Detroit, Mi April 27-30, 2006. Discussion MSC

To provide a $25 door prize for COPA, for the MPWU State Constitutional Convention in Detroit, MI April 27-30, 2006 Discussion MSC

To purchase a standard service warranty for the new projector for 1 year at a cost of up to $130. Discussion Defeated

New Business:

Constitutional changes read off by Ray Novakoski, chairperson of the Constitutional Committee

Labor Management:


Motion Page Second Pike, To extend the meetIng until end of business. MSC


COPA $43.50 Winner Mike Hill $43.50

$10.00 Door Prizes: Barb Tubbs, Ken Benham, Tom Maddox, Steve Lang, Joe Kresnak, Sally Lesiwicz

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Respectfully Submitted

Karen Hodges
Recording Secretary


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