General Membership Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2002


Roll call of Officers:
Ray Novakoski, President
James Sweeney, Recording Secretary
Richard Page, Executive Vice President
Sandy Henkel, Treasurer
Bill Scutt, Clerk Craft Director
Linda Norman, AO Director
Jim Myszka, Maintenance Craft Director

Mike Long, Sergeant at Arms (excused)
Scott Larabel, MVS Craft Director (excused)

Meeting was called to order at 2:09 PM at 918 Benjamin NE, Grand Rapids; meeting was opened with US Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

March General Membership Meeting minutes were accepted as written and posted.

Applications for Membership:
Tracy L. Fleming, Clerk, Grand Rapids
Anthony A. Turmel, Clerk, Byron Center
Edwin C. Slavin, Grand Rapids

Bills: None.

Officer's Reports:

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer's report accepted as read.

Executive Vice President's Report: Both sessions of last week's stewards training went well. Waiting on management to determine when Local Negotiations will open up. Congratulations to Mike Long newly elected MPWU Editor and to Jennifer Gilbert newly elected MPWU Area Nine Director. Grievances for discipline resulting from "mystery shopper" being filed. Problems with members getting time to see stewards. Don't take "no" for an answer. We need to educate members and management that "now" means NOW. The WMAL has received an award from National for being 84% organized. Will be actively pursuing additional organizing in our local. Thanked all for the support showed during the recent passing of his father.

AO Director Report: Introduction. Currently setting up office and have organized the files. Ready to go! Settled a few grievances. Thank you for recent training with Jennifer Amos. Looking forward to obtaining additional knowledge.

Maintenance Craft Director Report: Jobs being reposted at Annex, 5's and 7's. Problems arising from confidential information being posted on bulletin boards. This needs to stop. Will be gone next month to Washington DC for 5, 7 and 9 training.

Clerk Craft Director Report: The attorney hired to deal with decision forcing and labor charges has sent a letter stating the labor charges have been filed. Thank you to the membership for approval of attorney fees. Thank you to the Stewards for attending the training. Guidelines for receiving 70% of grievance awards. Pre-Arb settlement for two of our members totaled $40,000.00. Thank you to Orville Glombowski for initiating this grievance well. Spoke with Dennis Cremeans about problems with PTF conversions. Possibly 4 or 5 PTF's will be converted soon. PTF's need to watch their LWOP as it affects the numbers of future conversions. Veteran's Day/Thanksgiving holiday grievance update. Sharon Stone, National Clerk Craft Director who spoke at State convention suggested organizing the non-members when they ask for representation. 204b problems being pursued. Good job Stewards, thank you for all your work.

President's Report: Thank you to all the Stewards for all the work they're doing. You're well appreciated. Thank you to Bill Scutt for his Advocate work. Encouraging all to watch their early outs. Makes it hard to justify jobs when early outs occur. 4/10 workweek and Work Share program discussions with management going forward. Including AO's. No Local Negotiations scheduled for AO's. Local Negotiations opening in GR soon. Still looking for an MVS steward representative on the Local Negotiations Committee. Some issues opening up at negotiations will be Choice Vacations and Defining Sections. Working on the process of dividing up the Big Check. Still waiting for National to respond with advice. Will use the Big Check distribution as an organizing drive. OEE Committee being established at the PO and we want to select union members for the committee. State Convention went well. Delegates did a fine job. Thank you. Congratulations to Mike Long and Jennifer Gilbert on their wins. Thank you to AO Director, Linda Norman for all her hard work. Union jackets are approximately $52.00 each but members can buy them for 25% off. Orders are being taken now. Nation Convention plans are going well.

Committee Reports:

Retirees Committee: Expressed concerns of no voice on the convention floor. Apologized to MVS Craft Director, Scott Larabel and members. Thank you to local for registration cost. Stated paid for some of the cost as well.

COPA: $23.00 from P1.

Solidarity for Charity: Tee shirts coming. Bowling event will be May 11 from noon - 3:00 PM at Paragon Lanes. Softball event will be June 09 at Belknap Park from noon - 3:00 PM.

Correspondence: Thank You card from Dick Page.

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business:

29 applications received. Two applications disqualified. Five scholarships awarded. Five alternates. Results as follows:

Winners -- Parent(s):
Brittany Flikkema -- Suzy Boyd
Marisa Villums -- Elmar Villums
Jennifer Pitsch -- Steve/Theresa Pitsch
Steven Pitsch Jr. -- Steve/Theresa Pitsch
Amy Devereaux -- Steve Homrich

Alternates -- Parent(s):
MaryLou Brock -- Pete Brock
Nathan Armstrong -- Tom Armstrong
Melissa Fryling -- Jack Fryling
John Mohl -- Linda Monroe
Erin Sweeney -- Jim Sweeney

Board Recommendations:

Motion that WMAL Delegates who drive to the National Convention in Minneapolis, MN get paid parking at the airport and/or hotel. Discussion. Carried.

Motion to authorize the President to approve LWOP for the Local Negotiations Committee while in Local Negotiations. Discussion. Carried.

Motion to reimburse Karen Hodges $50.00 registration fee for the State Convention. Discussion. Carried.

Motion to purchase trinkets and pins for the upcoming National Convention at an approximate cost of $1650.00 total. Discussion. Carried.

Motion to purchase shirts for our local delegates to the National Convention at a cost of approximately $30.00 each. Discussion. Carried.
Motion to authorize up to four (4) hours LWOP per week to AO Director, Linda Norman for an approximate period of six months to perform union business. Discussion. Carried.

Motion to pay $186.00 to set up a fax line and up to $150.00 for a new fax machine and $25.00 per month phone line plus any long distance for AO Director, Linda Norman. Discussion. Carried.

Motion to authorize the local to purchase another laptop at an approximate cost of up to $2000.00 for Advocate use. Discussion. Carried.
Motion to give WMAL Stewards and Officers a $30.00 Meijer Gift Certificate in lieu of the Officer/Steward appreciation dinner. Discussed. Motion to amend by Gilbert, Beemblossom to raise the amount to $50.00. Discussion. Amendment: carried. Main motion as amended: carried.

Management's attendance at L/M meetings.


Office equipment drawing winners:
1a-J. Miller
1b-R. Bates
1c-B. Tubbs
1d-T. McKalip
1e-B. Tubbs
1f-T. McKalip
2-B. Tubbs
3a-J. Gilbert
3b-B. Tubbs
3c-B. Tubbs
3d-J. Larabel
4-J. Gilbert
5-Jim Hansma
6-J. Gilbert
7-J. Gilbert
8-C. Beemblossom
9-L. Yarnott
10-T. McKalip

COPA: $29.00 each. Winner: Don Kramer (who donated the winnings back to COPA).

$10.00 winners: T. Burke, V. Timmer, B. Davis, D. Quillan

Respectfully Submitted,

James Sweeney
Recording Secretary


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