ALL F1 & F4 PTF/PSE Clerks

DEADLINE: July 23, 2019

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An office within 50 miles has received approval to fill a career PTF Clerk vacancy. Since the office does not currently have a PSE on the rolls, only PTFs/PSEs within 50 miles of the vacancy are eligible for this position. Positions will be awarded by current installation relative standing. If necessary to resolve a tie in seniority, the criteria outlined in Article 37.2.D.4 will be applied.

If you choose to preference and your relative standing on the rolls is senior to other PTFs/PSEs, you will be converted to career.


If selected for this vacancy, and you are not currently window qualified, you will have an opportunity to qualify. Once you pass window qualifications, you will be placed into the vacancy. If you fail window qualifications, you will remain in your current PSE assignment.


There are no relocation benefits or costs payable. You will start a new period of seniority. You may start a new probationary period.


Failure to return a 1717-A form will be considered a waiver of conversion opportunity. It is not a waiver for future conversion opportunities.


Offices           Elsie 48831               Holt 48842                Howard City 49329

                        Linwood 48634       Mattawan 49071      Newaygo 49337


Position name: PTF Sales Services and Distribution Associate

Schedule: Varies – contact the office for specific information on weekly hours and schedule

Qualifications: Window

Please indicate the offices you want to be considered for by preference order. You may select more than 1 office but you will be considered by relative standing in all choices.
Do not select an office you are not willing to be converted to, work in, and commute to. Contact the preferenced office(s) prior to submitting your bid to find out about the daily schedule, number of weekly workhours, and duties. The 50 mile radius is from your current office.



FAX the completed 1717A to: 616-336-5398


Or scan via email to:

with subject line: JULY 2019 CANVASS


Please provide a copy of the completed 1717A to the State APWU president M. Mize at:



This canvass will end at 11:59 PM EST on JULY 23, 2019

Submissions received after this date and time will not be considered.