Right to see own physician

Any employee who gets injured on the job has the right to see their own physician. (ELM Section 545.4)

545.4 Implementing Medical Care

545.41 Emergency Treatment
An employee needing emergency treatment must be sent to the nearest available physician or hospital or to a physician or hospital chosen by the employee or the employee’s representative. The physician who provides emergency treatment is not considered the employee’s initial choice of physician.

545.44 Outside Treatment in a Nonemergency Situation
In a nonemergency situation, if an employee does not accept treatment at a Postal Service occupational health services office or contract facility, the employee may select a physician or hospital within approximately 25 miles of his or her home or worksite. The physician’s office should be contacted by telephone by the control office or control point to determine if the physician is available and will accept the employee for treatment under FECA. If not, the employee must select another qualified physician or hospital. A postal supervisor is not authorized to accompany the employee to a medical facility or physician’s office in nonemergency situations

Editor's note: Over the years I have witnessed many employees injured at work and fail to request to see their own physician. The people at medical units and  US Postal Service contract physicians (in my opinion) are not acting in the best interest of the employee but in the interest of the USPS and that is to get injured employees back to work as soon as possible regardless of the well-being of the an employee.